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Taku is named after the high winds in the extreme weather of Southeast Alaska, specifically the Juneau and Douglas areas.  The mountainous terrain creates hurricane force wind gusts (72 mph or greater).  The strong wind shear and turbulence can affect air transportation and can cause dangerous maritime conditions. 

As your organization faces its most pressing problems and situations, harness the power of Taku in your sails to ensure a quick, sound and successful navigation.

Having a solid strategy is great, but implementing it within your organization is essential.  Automate key business processes via Salesforce with full management visibility.

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Refine strategic and go-to-market planning & tactics to drive sustained growth.  Develop comprehensive sales, marketing and service programs that deliver results.


Our consultants' bring deep and relevant industry expertise to accelerate performance and achieve rapid time-to-value.


Outsource key roles to ensure results.  From leveraging sales, inside sales, marketing & campaign management, service & support staff, to the triangulation of your business plan to drive success.



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