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As companies build out their strategic and operating plans, implement business process within key applications (both on-premise and on-demand), and develop strategic intellectual property, patent assets and/or trade secrets, protecting them from competition, hackers, nefarious actors, foreign governments becomes essential for long-term success and survival.

Where can companies find a partner that can concurrently help refine business strategy & plans, implement those strategies and tactics within key applications (like CRM), and identify & secure those assets appropriately?

Taku was launched to specifically help organizations along those key success variables.  Taku solutions are weaved, integrated and customized to each customer to work seamlessly and for the long-term.

The Taku Cybersecurity team is composed of industry veterans, with senior leadership having over 25+ years of cybersecurity experience.  Further, Taku partners with best-of-breed security solution providers, in order to provide a comprehensive solution geared towards protecting your organization’s most important assets.

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